A New Beginning – Fatima J’s Story

Life is all about willing to do something; to get out of our comfort zone. We are afraid of crossing our boundaries and eager to do something beyond our limits. We doubt our self because of society, community, people and family responsibilities which stop us to do what we really want in our life. We forget that what we are capable of doubt our abilities.

My story is all about what I’ve gone through and all of the girls out there who have been in my shoes. Who were scared of what would people say never knew what they can do.

My name is Fatima Javed I am 17 years old, lived in 3rd world country and belonged from a well off family. By the grace of God I had everything whatever I wished. Though I longed for the bounding with my parents, which every child deserves. I had rough past I have seen hardships since childhood, all I needed was peace, affection which left some severe wounds not only physically, psychologically and emotionally those are hard to heal.

I did the same mistakes when we don’t get that affection from home we go out to seek for it or rely on things like drugs, parties etc. which I did the same but instead of drugs and parties I seek out for affection and cure of my wounds that lead me to depression and anxiety it impacted me physiological, I became emotionally unstable which led me towards self-doubt; I didn’t trust anyone and became so reserved that I didn’t get along with people. I was distracted from my goals and gave up on everything.

Then I realized that I had to be spiritually strong and I prayed for love and care from Him. People take advantage once they know your weakness and what you are going through they will make sure that you are left with nothing. For months I had severe depression and anxiety and it lead to health issues. I lost hope in life and don’t wanted to live anymore. I questioned God everyday why he chose me.

I decided to start a new life whatever happened till now was past and I did not want to live in past. I learned through my mistakes, the experiences that I had I used in a positive way which led me to became better person, more motivated and concerned about my future and goals.

I moved to USA by the age of 16 to pursue my studies here and to start a new life where there is no one to judge me and knows me but it was not that easy to start a new life. I had to go through the struggle of finding job; I ran bare foot on streets for interview you cannot run in uncomfortable shoes, getting into totally different environment which I was not use to I did not get along with people I had severe trust issues I was having problems fitting in the society that I was never part of before.

I had some people who helped me emotionally who were there for me no matter what, who needed nothing in return. I was alone here felt alone and build relation with my family which was missing which I couldn’t do it while being over there but still worked on it.

Everything went well the things that I planned were going the way I wanted to. I scored above average grades. My goal of life is to be a big achiever and leave a legacy. I am passionate about my dreams and I know God is keeping a close eye on me and helping me along the way.

Thinking every day is a new day to do something big. We are made for extraordinary things the person I am right now was totally not who I was I’ve grown so much and I think without those experience I wouldn’t be able to become who I am, whatever happens for a reason God have great plans I am more happier have people who loves me and respect me because of the personality I’ve built in so young age and we just need to keep faith in God and our self.

Hopefully my story encourages other people who are still living in past and don’t have hope and faith things gets better you just need to work for it and everything is possible don’t let anyone tell you what are you capable of because you are extraordinary there is always a way out of every problem just need to find right way and learn from mistakes and not doing those mistakes again.

Featured Photo Credit: A New Beginning by Venu Gopal on Flickr

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