Animals Heal All Wounds – Lauren G’s Story

Depression is a silent killer that takes over your entire life. Most people don’t understand how damaging it can be.  The worst part about it is that no matter how you try and “manage” it, when bad things happen in your life, you sink into a deep dark hole that nobody can get you out of. I have suffered from depression my entire life; however I do not have the luxury of allowing it to prevent me from doing things. I have to earn money like everybody else, pay my bills and just get on with it.

Last year I had one of the worst years of my entire life. Before my boyfriend fell ill, it was Easter time. We decided the time had come to get pets. Now we are not even allowed animals in our building, but we decided to not let this stop us. We both only had only really loved and experienced dogs and were not sure what the best animals would be. We ended up getting two of the most beautiful little bunny rabbits you have ever seen. They fitted into a shoe box, and they were absolutely beautiful.

We both knew nothing about bunnies, but we had an entire room dedicated for them. This was their playroom, and we made sure that they had everything they could ever need. We treated them like children. About a month after we got them, my boyfriend of nearly 8 years lost his job. After his job loss, he became extremely sick and had to go to hospital. He went from one hospital to another as he was really sick. I spent most of my year sitting in hospitals and visiting him. We had no idea if he was ever going to be okay again, never mind work.

During this time I was alone at home, I was more depressed than words can even describe. I usually get even more depressed in winter time like clockwork and his being in hospital, fell during the winter months. I also work from home so I was completely alone and isolated from the world, all I could hear was heavy storms coming from outside my window. My only companions were these two bunnies. I don’t know how it started but I couldn’t sleep at all, I was a nervous wreck worrying about my boyfriend and many other things.

One night I turned to my boyfriend’s side of the bed, where he usually sleeps and there lay both of my bunnies. Every night after that I would lie awake with insomnia for hours on end and next to me would be these two beautiful bunnies. They would hop on the bed almost like they knew and understood how much comfort I needed, and they helped me get through this very difficult and stressful time. I had stress in many different avenues in my life and in conjunction with the depression I experience; I was at an all-time low.

There were some mornings I literally couldn’t get out of bed; I would have to work on weekends and during the night to meet deadlines. I honestly wouldn’t have bothered getting out of bed if it weren’t for these two beautiful bunnies. I had to get up for their sake to feed them and make sure they had enough water for the day ahead. They gave me a reason to live and they genuinely brought comfort, joy and love into my life at a time when I needed it the most.

I am so grateful for the love of these two bunnies, that just looking at them fills my heart with joy. As supportive as humans tried to be, it never ever gave me the sense of comfort that I felt with my two bunnies. They have helped me in more ways than I ever thought was possible. I really had no idea that two small jersey wooly bunnies could save me from the darkest of places I have ever been.
They make the world beautiful when all I see is ugliness. They make me laugh when I am feeling down and all I want to do is cry. They are amusing and smart. I have since joined a group where bunny lovers talk about their bunnies and help educate each other.

Bunnies are the most misunderstood and silent creatures you will ever meet. They are super smart and I have learnt how to communicate with them. I never ever lock them in a cage despite it being really big, because the way that I see it is that I would never put my best friends in jail. They are my best friends and I would move heaven and earth for these two beautiful heroes who are my animal angels on earth.

If you are wondering how the story ends, well my boyfriend eventually got better, he moved back in and he got a job. Our two beautiful angels are with us and we are one big happy family. My rule of thumb is that any family should have more animals than people. When we can afford our own place I am sure it will be a zoo of chaos with all our animals. I want to be able to adopt bunnies, and foster and rescue them. There are also always special needs bunnies with missing limbs, or who are blind that need special love and care. I would love to be able to do more for the amazing species that did so much for me and who continue to do so every single day of my life.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Featured photo credit: Birthday Bunny by JT Lindroos on Flickr

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